Jay60 PCB
Jay60 PCB
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Jay60 PCB

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  • There are NO tray mounting holes on the Jay60 PCB
  • The on-board USB type C is positioned to fit with the R1 Unikorn
  • The Jay60 supports 2 different JST connector positions. The one closer to the horizontal flex cut is designed for R2 Unikorn
  • Please choose the on-board USB variant for R1 Unikorn; and JST connector variants for R2 Unikorn


  • Compatible with Unikorn R1 (with on-board USB Type-C) and R2 (with JST connector)
  • Possible compatibility with a variety of non-tray mount 60% boards
  • Powered by Atmega32A MCU
  • Programmable via QMK and VIA
  • PCB thickness: 1.2mm (stabiliser spacers/shims included)
  • OTD 356-Mini flex cuts
  • ESD protection
  • PCB color: Purple solder mask with immersion gold finish
  • Supported layout
  • Resource Page

    For more info: https://mechlovin.studio/products/mechlovin-jay60-unikorn-compatible-pcb