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What is UHMWPE:
Stands for Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. A type of plastic that is ultra flexible/bendable for plate and self-lubricating when used as switch stem. Exactly how flexy is it? See here

How are UHMWPE plate different from others?:
This material plate has the flexiest feel (feels like plateness) but also produces a dampening acoustic (unlike plateness). The closest material I would compare to in terms of feel is POM and PP but sounds very different. UHMWPE will be more thock/lower pitch and I personally finds it to replace the need for any foam/poron.

How are your manufacturing different from Ponoko/ others?
My plates are CNC vs Ponoko are laser cut. The tolerances and consistency will be much better. I've also been doing some RnD work to include other benefits such as a porous open-cell UHMWPE to provide better acoustics and post-processing finishing so it looks cleaner. A lot of other places are scuffed/burr marks like here: 1 2 vs mine looks like this

Due to the nature of the material, the plate will bend under slightest stress, humidity, and heat. Please see picture 1 2 (Picture in 1 is not my plate and I no longer ship with the packaging in picture 2). Through the time, I've improved on the packaging to ship plates sandwich between 2 cardboard insert which should help but I can not make guarantee. If the plate arrived warp, you can simply put it back by bending it with your hand or laying a keyboard on it to flatten. The shape will change very easily and automatically takes the shape of the pcb/switches once installed. If you are not comfortable with imperfections, please do not purchase. Surface can have slight markings.