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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the turnaround time for orders?

In stock orders ship within 5 business days. Custom services usually 3-5 weeks, there can be shipping delays up to 6 weeks but rarely that's the case

What is the difference between the aluminum alloy series (6061 vs 5052)  you use for the custom plates?

The short summary is that some users felt 5052 is more flexier and softer. From metal properties perspective, 5052 is easier to deform. The preference is very user-based so if you are unsure, I would recommend getting whichever is cheaper because most of the time the choice of alloy is based on availability of factory. 

Long detail version is: there is minimal difference between 5052 vs 6061. The difference mainly lays within machinability (6061 is better), thermal conductivity, and yield strength (5052 more likely to deform permanently). The tensile strength is usually on a curve which means unless you’re REALLY bending it, you’ll not reach the diverging point of flexibility. Just think your switches are taking in maximum force of 60-90g. Tensile strength is calculated in like Newtons.. aka 100gram force. Both alu is at least 200MPa ~44lbs of force.

What thickness plate do you offer?

    All plates are 1.5mm standard for MX switches spec. Upon request, we can offer 1.2mm in raw aluminum, FR4, and carbon fiber at the moment.  Please make a note on the order. If you have bulk quantities (10+), can DM me directly to inquire about other thickness/materials. I'll have to try to source them separately.

    Do you offer in any other materials?

      We do offer forged carbon with minimum quantities of 10 units. Other aluminum such as 1060/5052/6061/6063 available for pre-anodized versions. 

      Do you accept other file types other than .dxf? 

        .dxf is highly preferred. I'll accept .STEP and .dwg file and convert it for you if that's the last option. 

        Will you have certain plates as in stock option? 

          Occasionally I'll have extras leftover from custom orders, especially some of the more popular boards like Jane, Matrix, Keycult, etc.. However, I do not plan on keeping lots of plates in stock since there are so many variations and materials.